GOOD LOOKS! It's older than civilization

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Ancient Evidence.   In 2004, archealogists escavating the Blombos Cave (southern Africa), determined that as early as 75,000 years ago Africans were the first to have made necklaces, wore jewelry and other means of image enhancement.   Ancient Ethiopians were known to use cosmetics, perfumes, eye makeup, hair extensions, and more.

Plato(427-347 b.c.) called good looks “the privilege of nature”, while Aristotle (384 – 322 b.c.) went further to say “personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference”.

Beauty Bias.   It may be politically correct to deny the role the physical appearance plays in our society, but the fact is research shows that a “beauty-bias” exist across cultures in our species, and date back from the earliest days of antiquity to today where research shows “beautiful employees” earn more than their less attractive counterparts.

However with modern cosmetic medicine, no longer is Aristotle right in saying beauty is “the privilege of nature”.    The fact is we can now improve our looks in ways never before possible.

Hire an Image Consultant.   However in doing so we should avoid the Do-It-Yourself trap of attempting to design our own image.   Our body is not a house we can attempt to design ourselves and if we mess-up we can easily correct.    That’s why hiring a professional Image Consultant with knowledge of cosmetic medicine as well as  wardrobe, colour, makeup, etc is absolutely essential.

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