Julianne Moore on why it's a privilege to get older

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is gearing up for a very busy fall filled with new films, tons of red carpets and of course, a major magazine cover with InStyle. As we just saw on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, the 56-year-old ageless actress continues to be at the top of her style and beauty game and her secret seems to be pretty simple — don’t obsess about aging.

“I mean, let’s not talk about this idea of, ‘Oh no! I’m going to be 40!’ You could be dead. So enjoy it. It’s a privilege to age,” the actress tells InStyle. “Even in scripts, they’ll refer to a character as ‘aging.’ Well… everyone is aging. In literature and in movies, when people try to stop the process, it always ends in disaster. I think it’s really important to be where you are.”

The star opens up about aging and acting to the magazine in its October issue cover, admitting to being a big fan of Goop.com and opening up about her latest acting endeavors.

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