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Anti-Aging & Acne Treatments



One of the most popular treatments among our Hollywood A-list celebrity clients, with no down time. Improve the skin's overall appearance by creating instantly smoother skin, lifting jowls and tightening the jaw line.


Forma uses radio-frequency technology to make the skin look younger and healthier.  Radio-frequency energy  stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves skin elasticity for long-lasting improvement of your skin's appearance. It smooths and tightens the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reversing the effects of aging and sun damage. It is completely painless and there is no downtime.


Forma can be used both on the face and body. Commonly treated areas on the face include forehead, crow's feet, upper and lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck.  On the body, popular treatments include arms (bat wings), abdomen and other areas that require contraction.


Prices start at $550

Book a consultation to receive a package rate

25% off your first visit




Skin Tightening and Resurfacing

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Do you have enlarged pores, acne scars, active acne, broken capillaries? When radiofrequency (RF) fractional skin resurfacing meets thermal based RF collagen remodeling in a single session, the result is a completely new anti-aging treatment called Fractora.  This scientifically proven treatment reduces wrinkles to slow the effects of aging and restore skin to its youthful appearance. Various layers of skin can be targeted depending on the individual patient concerns.


Face and body areas that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration or acne scarring are suitable for treatment. Common areas include lower/upper eyelids, smile lines, forehead, cheeks, mouth and neck.


Fractora is minimally invasive, using a matrix of micro-pins to resurface and restore the skin with minimal downtime. Depending on your needs, you can expect 1-3 sessions, with visible results immediately. Most noticeable results appear after 3 months of treatment.


Fractora can also be used to target active acne by killing bacteria and reducing potential breakouts while healing current ones.


Prices start at $620 for face and neck

Book a consultation to receive a package and 25% off your first visit.



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Is your skin looking tired and dull? 

A favourite among our celebrity clients, this treatment helps to rejuvenate new skin cells and soothe irritated skin. It helps with the asphyxiation of the skin due to environmental pollutants, leaving the skin energized and fresh.


Price: $350 per session

Book a consultation to receive a package rate.

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Oxygen with Microdermabrasion



What is the Hollywood Laser Peel®?

The Hollywood Laser Peel is a fast and comfortable treatment experience uniquely enabled by the Lutronic Spectra™ laser. The 3-step treatment includes patented facial carbon lotion application, gentle heating of the carbon lotion and skin, and finally the snappy nanosecond treatment which helps to exfoliate and revitalize your skin. The Hollywood Laser Peel takes only 20 minutes with zero downtime. This anti-aging treatment has been popularized in social media by celebrities requesting it before walking the red carpet.


Key Benefits

  • Exfoliates skin, reduces unwanted pigmentation, helps stimulate collagen, and softens skin tone and texture

  • A safe and comfortable way to revitalize and maintain a youthful appearance

  • Can be done as a treatment series or a single treatment prior to an event


Prices starts at $550

Book a consultation to receive a package

and 25% off your first visit if you are a candidate.

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Hollywood Peel
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